same-d is a multi-disciplinary design firm specializing in environmental, graphical, interactive and audio visual design projects. same-d develops concepts, provides advice and gives shape to the various communication means: interior design projects, exhibitions, industrial products, signage - house styles, brands, annual reports, brochures, periodicals - interactive design, web design, audio-visual productions and others.


senior designer / contact graphic, interactive discipline


senior designer / contact spatial discipline

Vision and method

Our vision and approach resulting in special, specific and pragmatic solutions that take into account the wishes of the client. We ensure that the designs we create sustainable and socially responsible. We do critical analysis from the requirements of our clients with the aim to get that answer the demands of the client. Until a visualization In close consultation with our customers we develop solutions in the design issues in spatial, graphic, interactive and audio-visual applications.

We work with external designers, specialists in the field of marketing and organizational issues and various suppliers and manufacturers. Depending on the type of work required specializations and experience we choose our external collaborators on a project basis.

We have a collaboration with Twice Eyes en Liesbeth Ronden


+31(0)70 3000 878
Voorburg, NL
Johannesburg, SA

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